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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Online Multiplayer & Wallace DLC delayed after 2.5 years

Scott Pilgrim forever.

It was rather peculiar when it was revealed that 2010's retro brawler Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was going to have DLC two years after its initial release. It was even stranger when that never happened. After a five month radio silence, signs of the long delayed, practically mythical DLC finally materialised as its achievements were leaked a couple of weeks ago. Just last week a new release date of 6th February was spotted on Major Nelson's Blog and even Scott Pilgrim creator Brian Lee O'Malley blogged about the release date (in a post since removed). So is it coming out tomorrow?

Of course not! It's been delayed again. Because apparently 2.5 year wasn't enough time to really polish it up and it needed more "fine-tuning."

Publisher Ubisoft issued the following statement to Destructoid regarding the delay:

"The downloadable content for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game has been delayed for fine-tuning and to incorporate feedback from the passionate Scott Pilgrim community. Ubisoft is addressing feedback from the community on the best ways to honor retro games in the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game DLC in an accurate and respectful manner. Ubisoft, and the new team developing the DLC, respect creative properties and, of course, want to be sure to deliver a game experience that is a proper tribute to the Scott Pilgrim franchise."

The Duke Nukem of DLCs will add online multiplayer and the ability to play as Scott's fashionably late roommate Wallace. Check out the trailer for it below (note: the 5th February date advertised would have been applicable to the US PSN release).

Cover image for YouTube videoScott Pilgrim VS The World The Game Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack DLC