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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Save £36 on this Crucial P5 Plus 1TB SSD from Amazon

A solid state deal.

Now that Black Friday 2022 is on the way, you may need some extra storage to hold all those brand-new games you pick up in the sale. If you're competent with a PC and fancy doing the upgrades yourself, an internal solid state drive is a great storage solution that is more compact, efficient, and quicker than having a clunky hard drive to carry around with you.

Luckily, Amazon has a great deal on a nice 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD with a speed of up to 6600MB/s. This beefy SSD would go great in any compatible rig, with a 5-year limited warranty and fantastic performance. You can get this for just £95.99, saving you a decent £36.

Though this is a substantial investment in your setup, it is one worth making. If you feel you need even more storage, you can opt for the 2TB model at £206.48 or the 500GB model at £57.49. This gives a more accessible entry point into an SSD-based PC.

Designed for intensive workloads and high-spec gaming, this SSD is an essential part of a powerful rig, giving impeccable performance and fantastic load times. This being said, if you don't have the cash for something like this but still want an SSD in your machine, the Crucial P2 1TB SSD is also on sale, with a read speed of up to 2400MB/s. You can pick it up for £64.99, a 15 per cent sale.

This is a less impressive SSD than the previous model but still a hard upgrade over an older drive or hard drive. SSDs are one of those upgrades that are less flashy than a new GPU or CPU but can be just as important when it comes to getting a good gaming experience.

Now that you've got yourself a nice storage deal, you might also be in the market for a new gaming monitor, mouse or headset. If so, you should check out these early Black Friday deals at Currys. Or perhaps you're planning on using your new SSD inside a PS5, but don't yet own the console? Head on over to our PS5 stock updates, where we can help you find the best PS5 bundles. Just remember you'll need a heatsink to go with that SSD if you're planning to upgrade your PS5 storage, which Digital Foundry can help you out with.

And finally, if you're looking for even more deals on just about anything that takes your fancy, have a look at our Twitter account @jelly_deals.