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Satisfactory upgrades to Unreal Engine 5

It's been in the pipeline.

Satisfactory art of machine and cute creature atop in a forest, with chimneys in the background
Image credit: Coffee Stain Studios

Satisfactory developer Coffee Stain Studios has released a new update for the Early Access game which upgrades it to Unreal Engine 5.

Players have been able to try out this version of the factory-building sim for some time in an Experimental branch, allowing the developers to fine tune performance improvements. Now it's available for all on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 allows for a more stable foundation for future features, Coffee Stain has said, as well as a new lighting system, vehicle and sound overhauls, and additional granular keybind options.

Update 8 Patch Notes VideoWatch on YouTube

Another addition are the Advanced Game Settings, which allow players to customise their experience. For instance, options include Flight Mode, No Build Cost, Set Starting Tier, No Stinger Mode and more.

New tools have also been added, such as the Priority Power Switch - a configurable circuit breaker - and the Power Tower, which allows for longer power lines.

Lastly, Blueprints have been enhanced with quality of life improvements for ease of design. A new Nudge Mode (for all buildables) means players can lock holograms in place and move around them freely to confirm placement.

Satisfactory launched in 2019, initially as an Epic Games store exclusive, and proved a massive success.

Coffee Stain Studios - owned by Embracer - has since published Goat Simulator 3 among others.

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