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Saints Row: The Third Remastered free on Epic Games Store

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You can nab a free copy of Saints Row: The Third Remastered on PC via the Epic Games Store right now, until 2nd September.

The offer comes in celebration of last night's big Saints Row reboot announcement during Gamescom's Opening Night Live livestream.

Why is Epic offering Saints Row: The Third for free? Well, the upcoming Saints Row reboot will only be available for PC at launch via the Epic Games Store.

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The Saints Row reboot "dials back the excesses of Saints Row 4", Martin wrote after seeing the game. It's simply titled Saints Row, and is a cross-gen and PC game coming in February next year.

"By the time you were done in Saints Row 4 - and spoilers here - you were the ruler of the galaxy," Volition's Jim Boone told Eurogamer, explaining the change in approach. "Where would we take it from there? In Gat Out of Hell, well we went to hell - but there truly isn't anywhere to go past there!

"Even though we loved the mechanics we came up with, the superpowers and everything, it didn't leave us a lot of runway to figure out where we would go past that - so it was a pretty easy decision to go back to our roots with something contemporary."

If you prefer seeing Saints Row in its more outlandish guise, the remastered third game is worth a look. The Epic Games Store is also currently offering two other freebies: Yooka-Laylee and Void Bastards.

And in more sombre news, tributes have been paid to Saints Row modder and former community manager Mike "IdolNinja" Watson, who passed away this week.

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