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Rousing Battlefield 4 single-player campaign trailer

Let's hope the story is better than Battlefield 3's.

It's the 'our multiplayer game has a gritty story too' moment, as EA serves up a rousing video teasing Battlefield 4's single-player story campaign.

There's swearing, there's punching, there's shooting, there's this line: "I don't have a problem with women, I got a problem with LIARS!"

There's a ship breaking in half, there's shooting mounted guns on the back of speed boats, there's slow motion, there's "nobody gets left behind!", and there are steep odds:

"We may be the only ship left but we will not go down without a fight. Let the storm carry us home."

Boom boom boom boom boom.

Battlefield 4 is out 1st November on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Xbox One and PS4 versions are coming alongside those consoles in late November.

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