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Roogoo and Aces of the Galaxy for XBLA

Wednesday stable enters traps.

Microsoft is readying Roogoo and Aces of the Galaxy for release on Live Arcade tomorrow.

The former we quite liked when we fiddled around with it earlier this year. It has you guiding blocks through similarly-shaped holes in discs you rotate by using the triggers on your pad. Mess up and a beanstalk reaches the top of your screen and you have to start again.

It's a bit like being back in a nappy, but is relaxing, pleasingly challenging when the mechanics start ganging up on you, and is wrapped up in a cutesy Katamari style.

The other game, Aces of the Galaxy, is a typical shmup where you have to save space from the Skurgian baddies. Lots of big weapons and big booms.

Both cost 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60). Look for our thoughts in due course.