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Roguelite tactical tower defense game, Endless Dungeon, wants your feedback during this second test

"We can't wait to hear your thoughts!"

Amplitude has confirmed it is opening up a second round of testing for its new roguelite tactical tower defense game, Endless Dungeon.

Free to enter and "much less limited" than prior tests, Amplitude invites interested candidates to sign up at OpenDev to experience a "series of time-limited, targeted, pre-release gameplay scenarios" to "help shape the game".

ENDLESS™ Dungeon "Second Chance" OpenDev Trailer.

It includes co-op with other to three players, all of whom will share resources, new monsters, weapons, new environment the Labour Colony, and new hero Shroom.

"Our first support class character!" the studio exclaims. "She heals! She helps! She's cute! She has some weird herbal medicine that may or may not be legal!

"This is our second [test] for Endless Dungeon, which means we've incorporated some of your feedback from the first one, as well as added lots of 'fun' new things for y'all to try. We can't wait to hear your thoughts!" the team says.

"I love what I've seen," Donlan wrote of his time with Endless Dungeon over the summer. "I love the new art, so playful and colourful, with occasional comic book onomatopeias enlivening the really big explosions.

"I love the hub, this cobbled-together bar that will only grow and grow in richness. I love the classes I've seen so far - a berzerker who can kill with sound waves from her shoulder-mounted speakers, a shielded robot who can repair the turrets you've placed down."

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