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Rock Band Blitz announced for XBLA, PSN

Instrument-free spin-off due this summer from Harmonix.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rock Band Blitz is the next entry in Harmonix's rhythm action franchise, due on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade some time this summer.

The series' traditional 'runway' perspective survives but the peripherals have been ditched in favour of frantic controller-based gameplay, Harmonix told G4TV.

You use power-ups to explode gems and chase down blast notes for big bonuses.

It comes with over 20 new tracks, though almost the entire 3500 song-strong Rock Band library is also compatible. Similarly, Blitz's new tracks will be playable over in Rock Band 3.

It'll be Harmonix's first console release since Dance Central 2 in October 2011 and the first new Rock Band game since RB3 in October 2010.

The Massachusetts-based studio seems to have survived the peripheral-driven music game crash of 2010 that killed off Guitar Hero, though disappointing sales of Rock Band 3 did see it sold by former owner Viacom for a rumoured $50.

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