Dance Central 2


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Burn calories with Xbox 360 dashboard app Kinect PlayFit and earn Achievements

Boost your Gamerscore and gobble up Avatar Awards.

Harmonix announces Dance Central 2 Dance*Cam

Free app lets you create personalised music videos.

Dance Central 2 gets Lady Gaga DLC

Rihanna tracks also due.

Harmonix developing "multiple new music games"

That aren't Dance Central, Rock Band.

UK Top 40: Arkham City soars into first place

Ratchet lands 24th, Dance Central 2 is 40th.

Dance Central 2

Too cool for school?

VideoDance Central 2 dance floor footage

Kinect sequel boogies in next week.

Why music games aren't dead

New book predicts a healthy future.

Charge for importing Dance Central tunes

400 Points to move tracks into sequel.

Halo, Gears, Forza join Eurogamer Expo

Gunstringer, Dance Central, Kinect Sports.

Dance Central 2 tracklist expands

Daft Punk, Gnarls Barkley, Gaga confirmed.

VideoDance Central 2 cel-shaded cinematic

Kinect sequel out later this year.

FeatureInside Music Games

Let's face the music and dance.

Harmonix: independence is "terrific"

Rock Band dev details flurry of activity.

Dance Central dev confirms Vidrhythm

"It will be awesome," says Harmonix.

Dance Central 2 confirmed

Simultaneous multiplayer at last.