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ESRB outs Xbox One Dance Central: Spotlight

UPDATE: Announced at E3.

UPDATE: Harmonix has announced Dance Central: Spotlight at E3. It's a digital-only (download only) game that's coming this September. Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos said the game had new technology that gets music tracks into the game faster than ever before. This should mean more, newer content and more often.

ORIGINAL STORY: US video game age-ratings board, ESRB, has listed/outed Dance Central: Spotlight for Xbox One (via Project Boommeister).

Doesn't say too much about it, other than that there's the option for downloadable music - what, really? - and that some of the songs have naughty lyrics.

Ooh can we do this can we?

Otherwise it's what you expect: copy the dance moves on screen while Kinect appraises you. What the Spotlight part of the title refers to is unclear.

That there should be a Dance Central game for Xbox One is no surprise; Dance Central has been one of the stronger (one of the only) Kinect-exclusive series. It's made by Guitar Hero inventor Harmonix. Whether that studio is also behind Spotlight is unclear. Let's hope so.

I'm sure we'll find out for certain this afternoon at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Coverage kicks off here at 5pm BST. We'll embed the stream, observe from near (in the audience) and far (from the UK), and generally talk and joke and share a funny picture or two. Do join us. It shall be fun.