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Rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger's first DLC Dream of the Beast out this month

Two new songs! New weapon! More!

Metal: Hellsinger - the gleefully boisterous rhythm shooter from developer The Outsiders - is getting its first paid DLC expansion, titled Dream of the Beast, on 29th March.

Dream of the Beast adds two new original songs to Metal: Hellsinger's stellar music line-up, alongside a new weapon and three new outfits (Angel Eyes, Morning Star, and Dark Devotee), each with their own unique gameplay modifiers.

On the song front, The Outsiders have signed up Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia and Lorna Shore's Will Ramos to provide vocals for the new compositions which, as with Metal: Hellsinger's other tracks, have been written by Two Feathers.

Cover image for YouTube videoMetal: Hellsinger - Launch Trailer
Metal: Hellsinger's launch trailer.

The developer notes Dream of the Beast owners can utilise the new tracks in the game's new Song Selection feature, which is being added in a free update alongside the DLC. This enables players to pair any song with any level, "giving it a totally new flow".

Finally, there's that new weapon, the Red Right Hand machine gun (picture above), "forged and fused from parts of heaven and hell". This is capable of dispatching demons in short, powerful bursts of varying length for a different kind of play experience.

Dream of the Beast adds three new outfits, each with unique gameplay modifiers.

The Outsiders says it'll have more to share - including further word on Metal: Hellsinger's free update - ahead of Dream of the Beast's Xbox, PlayStation, and PC launch on 29th March.

Eurogamer's Chris Tapsell enjoyed Metal: Hellsinger a lot when it launched last year, calling it a "lean and tightly-restrained mashup of more than just Rock Band and Doom" that "captures the earnest spirit of an underloved genre" in his Recommended review.