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Resistance developer Insomniac tries to get you excited about Fuse

"Ah man, I'm getting all sorts of bad vibes from this thing."

Resistance developer Insomniac Games has released an extended look at Fuse, the studio's first multi-platform project.

It's a gritty team shooter filled with alien technology, off-the-books government agents and villainous mercenary forces.

The game's four-man team is lead by a beefcake chap who's quick to resort to violence. He doesn't care if a threat is biological or nuclear as he "doesn't get paid enough". He's hard.

There's a rebellious female sidekick who is also a technical genius. There's also a former-LAPD detective who's a crack-shot sniper. He's a lone wolf, kicked off the force for burning murderers in their cars. Child murderers, the trailer points out, just to make sure he's not too morally grey to be likeable.

Finally, there's a girl with a black hole-firing gun who can cloak. She's your stealth expert. Each character has their own weapons and abilities, and you can swap between the lot of them on the battlefield.

The squad is an "unlikely team of mercenaries called into action by the US government", the trailer states. They must infiltrate a covert installation that has been attacked by a group of rogue mercenaries. Both sides want to secure a powerful alien technology - Fuse - which can be used to create incredibly powerful weapons.

Still with us? There's a portable energy shield which can be fired forwards to explode enemies. There's a liquid nitrogen weapon which turns foes into red hot goo. And you can pin enemies to walls by sniping them through the head with special ammo.

Fuse, set to launch next March for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, was originally the brighter, more colourful OverStrike.

The new 18-minute clip lies below, and discusses gameplay tactics, weaponry, lore, character abilities and more in a lot of detail.

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