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UK chart: Fuse fizzles into 37th place

GRID 2 takes top spot, despite lower sales than the original.

Insomniac's new multiplatform shooter Fuse has failed to ignite the charts during its opening week - it arrived in a disappointing 37th place.

Fuse review

Fuse review


I wish Fuse was worse. Obviously, I'd prefer if it was better, but after playing through its six-mission story campaign and various co-op survival matches, I suspect that was never going to happen. This is a game of small ideas and low ambition, and that's rarely fertile soil for a good game.

So, instead, I found myself wishing the game could at least be genuinely bad. There's always something to say about a bad game, some story or insight that can be teased out of its missteps and mistakes. Games like Fuse, on the other hand, are simply there - inoffensive, unmemorable and devoid of purpose. The review word count yawns ahead of me, dependent on a game about which there is virtually nothing of interest to say.

The basics then, since that's all Fuse ever really musters. We're in third-person co-op shooter territory. Press a button to snap to cover. Pop out with the left trigger, shoot at the faceless bad guys with the right. Repeat until the game runs out of enemies, then trawl the area for the handful of trinkets that are inevitably hiding in the corners. Bonus XP. In-game currency. Text and audio logs. You know the drill. You've done this dozens of times before.

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Fuse demo launches next week on XBL and PSN

Fuse demo launches next week on XBL and PSN

Supports four-player online co-op or two-player splits-screen.

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac will be releasing a demo of its upcoming third-person co-op shooter Fuse next week on PSN and Xbox Live.

The demo is set to premiere on 7th May, according to publisher EA. Since that's a Tuesday, it's likely referring to the North American PSN release, and will come to EU the following day on both PSN and Xbox Live.

The Fuse demo will support up to four-player online co-op or two-player splits-screen.

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Feature"Every IP that we've created has gone through massive changes."

Ted Price on Fuse, Insomniac's ever-evolving third person shooter.

In some ways, Fuse is everything that gamers have been asking for - a new IP at a time when we're told such things are impossible in the big budget console arena, and one from a much-loved studio that is, at last, sharing its expertise with the Xbox 360 audience.

Trailer for Insomniac's Fuse delayed

Trailer for Insomniac's Fuse delayed

UPDATE: The video has been released.

Update:The debut Fuse trailer is finally out. It reveals a visually clean but unspectacular shooter, but one with great guns and abilities.

A Magshield ability produced a bubbly wall for protection. Shattergun shot tendrils spikes up from the floor and froze/restrained an enemy who then shattered under fire. It looked like you can perform this on groups of enemies.

One application of Arcshot appeared to melt a group of enemies. The other application skewered them on flaming crossbow bolts. Warp Rifle produced mini gravitational warp fields/balls and then exploded.

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FeatureOverstrike: Insomniac's multi-platform future

Has the Resistance developer left PS3 exclusivity behind?

After 15 years of PlayStation exclusivity, Resistance and Ratchet developer Insomniac is spreading its wings and having a crack at multi-platform development. The eventual result, announced during EA's E3 2011 press conference with a CGI trailer, is four-player co-op action game Overstrike.

Insomniac still "dedicated" to PS3 fans

Overstrike about reaching broader audience.

Insomniac for 15 years a PlayStation-exclusive developer - has reassured PlayStation 3 owners that it hasn't left them behind despite entering multi-platform development with Overstrike.