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Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

Bespoke game by Nihilistic Software.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Resistance: Burning Skies has been announced for PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Heroes and Conan developer Nihilistic Software is at the helm, under the supervision of Resistance creator Insomniac Games.

Resistance: Burning Skies tells an entirely new story set before Resistance 2 - before the Chimera invaded the East Coast of America.

You'll play as fireman Tom Riley, who's main weapon is a fire axe, at least to begin with.

Nihilistic demoed a responsive, playable Resistance: Burning Skies demo during the Sony Gamescom 2011 press conference.

The dual analogue sticks of Vita were put to good use, as were the touch-screen controls. The motion-sensing tilt functions are incorporated, as is the rear touch pad.

Resistance: Burning Skies will be playable at Gamescom. Eurogamer will bring you a full Resistance: Burning Skies preview this week.

No release date was announced.

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