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Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 2, Double Mystery: Head for the crash site, go through the mine, fighting wolves while Waiting for Jessica

How to complete the opening part of episode two in Resident Evil Revelations.

Episode 2: Double Mystery gives you a taste of the game's episodic format before plunging into the shoes of new characters, as you head for the crash site, go through a mine and fight wolves.

It follows on from Episode 1's conclusion of getting the Crew Quarter Area's Key.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

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Head for the crash site

After a handy recap of the previous episode's scintillating events, you'll find yourself in the company of supreme beefcake Chris Redfield and his pal Jessica Sherawat. The frosty trek across the snowy mountains of Europe that follows is another fairly linear sequence, but it ups the actions stakes somewhat, meaning that you should stay on your toes as you push forward.

Begin by heading southwest between the rocks, moving along the winding ravine. Shortly, your progress will be interrupted by a cutscene as a severely damaged, and slightly smouldering, plane flies overhead. Once the cinematic ends, you'll have a new objective.

Continue making your way along the ravine and, eventually, as you reach the top of a steep incline, you'll spy the crashed wreckage directly ahead. Drop down off the ledge and proceed forward between the flaming chunks of fuselage, scanning for ammo along the way. Before long, you'll reach the plane's relatively unscathed front segment.

There's an open doorway to the left and a sealed door leading into the cockpit directly ahead. Open the door and scan the pilot's body to retrieve the FLIGHT PLAN.

Go through the mine

Before continuing, scan the main control panel inside the cockpit to reveal Handprint 5. Then, when you're ready, head through the doorway to the left.

You'll reach several crates blocking your path. Examine one then follow the instructions to smash them to bits, grabbing the ammo and green herb inside. Make your way into the mine tunnel and interact with the gate to summon help from Jessica.

Proceed along the tunnel, dropping down from ledge to ledge, until the cave opens out. As you move deeper into the area, you'll be ambushed by three infected wolves.

They're easy enough opponents to deal with, but faster - and thus tougher to hit - than the mutants you've tackled so far. They'll constantly run toward you, attempting to pounce, and can inflict a fair amount of damage if successful.

As such, you'll want to stay nimble and keep moving. Luckily, it only takes a couple of direct headshots to bring them down, so you should conserve your shotgun ammo for the more fearsome beasts to come. Or you can forego guns altogether and use your surprisingly effective knife attack if you're feeling brave.

When it's safe to continue, follow the northern passage (smashing the crate for more ammo) until you reach the next open area. You'll immediately encounter a large black wolf that's much more durable than its smaller siblings. As such, you might want to use your shotgun here.

Start unloading your weapon as soon as you see the creature in order to stop it from howling - if it completes its howl, smaller wolves will be summoned into the area. Focus on eliminating the large wolf to stem the flood of enemies, and, if you need to put some space between you and your targets, just retrace your steps along the tunnel behind you. Once peace is restored, grab the ammo from the table and cross over the rickety wooden bridge.

As you reach solid ground again, more wolves will attack. Space is a little tight on this small central island but, thankfully, Jessica will help out a lot here. When the wolves are no more, jump over the gap in the broken bridge and grab the ammo and B.O.W. Decoys from the crates to the left. When thrown, these unique grenades will lure enemies to one spot and then detonate, which can be handy in crowded situations. Continue southeast along the tunnel.

Once you drop down into the next area, you'll immediately be ambushed by a whole bunch of large and smaller wolves. Make good use of your new decoy grenades and carefully whittle down the horde. You might find it easier to focus on the larger wolves first as they do considerably more damage - which can quickly be your undoing if you're caught unawares.

When peace is restored, scour the room for ammo, another decoy grenade, and a green herb, then follow the tunnel to the southeast. Shortly, you'll encounter a small alcove to your left with several stalagmites rising from the floor. Scan this area to reveal Handprint 6 then continue your journey along the winding, but extremely linear route, grabbing the green herb, ammo, and decoy grenade from the crates as you leave the tunnel.

Keep moving forward. Eventually, as you leap over the gap in the path that winds around the large open area, the ground will give way beneath you, causing you to slide down into the area below.

Fighting Wolves while Waiting for Jessica

Almost immediately, wolves will begin to home in on your position. Unfortunately, for the duration of the next fight, you'll be unable to walk and can only rotate left and right on the spot. As such, you'll constantly need to sweep your camera back and forth - watching for wolves approaching from all directions, and picking them off as soon as they come into view.

The good news is that Jessica will provide excellent support from her high vantage point throughout the fight, so your only real worry is crowd control.

You'll face three increasingly difficult waves of wolves here, so you might want to conserve your ammo appropriately. Wave one consists of easy-to-kill standard wolves, so knife slashes and handgun shots are perfectly acceptable here.

Wave two, meanwhile, introduces one large black wolf, so feel free to whip out your shotgun if things get desperate. You're best saving your shotgun and decoys for wave three really though. Here you'll face a huge influx of small and larger wolves, and you'll need to keep them at bay while Jessica works her way down to the ground.

Once all the wolves are dead, and Chris is back on his feet, locate the ladder to the east and climb on up. At the top, follow the passage along and head on through the gate at the end. As you exit the cave, you'll spy the secret Veltro airstrip below.

A cutscene will play, bringing the segment to an end, with the next segment seeing you work out a puzzle with a screwdriver. Good luck!

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