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Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 1: Into the Depths

How to complete the opening part of episode one in Resident Evil Revelations.

Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 1 Into the Depths starts you off with Jill Valentine and newcomer Paker Luciana as they Search for Chris on the Queen Zenobia.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Episode 1 Into the Depths

In the first part of this chapter, you'll be playing as series favourite Jill Valentine in Episode 1, with a little help from newcomer Parker Luciana.

In Resident Evil: Revelations, secondary characters primarily exist to dish out story exposition, and will mostly just potter around the sidelines throughout the episode. They will, however, offer a assistance in combat when the need arises, which can be handy.

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Objective: Search for Chris

Your initial task is to locate chiselled muscle-lord Chris Redfield, who's apparently somewhere aboard the ship. First, however, you'll want to get inside, out of the driving rain.

There's only one possible route forward, so climb the steps and move along the upper deck until you reach the padlocked door. Shoot the lock off and step inside.

Now safely out of the storm, it's time to head deeper into the vessel. Leave the room via the door in the corner and make your way along the corridor. Pass through the door at the end and continue your route forward, until you reach the bottom of the stairs. Turn right and examine the boxes directly ahead to trigger a short cutscene.

The passage to the east leads to an elevator - but it's currently out of service due to the boat's lack of power. For now, head west and follow the corridor forward as it winds back around to the east.

Note the closed door that you pass on your left and loot the lockers ahead to retrieve a soon-to-be-handy health-restoring green herb. Next, make your way through the door that you passed a few seconds earlier.

In the next area, follow the route around the room. As you reach the door, take a quick left and grab the ammo from the nearby lockers. Finally, head through the door and make your way into the centre of the room.

Examine the bloody grate and you'll be attacked by a slippery humanoid mutant - known as an Ooze - once the cutscene is over. Get used to these guys as you'll be seeing a lot of them from now on.

Luckily, these standard Ooze variants are pretty easy to deal with. They'll amble slowly toward you, attempting to grab or swipe at you once they get close enough. If they manage to get you in their clutches follow the onscreen prompt to wrestle free.

Your best course of action here is to keep you gun drawn, and slowly back away from the creature, emptying shots into its head. Do aim carefully though - ammo is a little scarce at this early juncture. If you find yourself being backed into a corner, lower your weapon and dash (or dodge, when it attacks) around to the other side of the creature, creating a bit of breathing room. Whenever the mutant is stunned, take the opportunity to reposition yourself or land a few additional shots.

Once it's down, a cutscene will play, bringing this brief opening segment to a close. Next sees Investigate Corpse, Get a 100% analysis and Join up with O'Brian you play as other characters.

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