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Resident Evil Revelations - Investigate Corpse, Get a 100% analysis, Join up with O'Brian

Continuing episode one in Resident Evil Revelations.

Early on in Resident Evil Revelations you must Investigate a Corpse and Get a 100% Analysis with a new toy, the Genesis scanner.

These happen not long after you begin Episode 1 Into the Depths, and before the section ends, you must join up with O'Brian.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

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Investigate corpse

This flashback segment is essentially a short introduction to your handy Genesis scanner device, which enables you to scan your surroundings and reveal ordinarily invisible items - bullets, medicinal herbs, and so on - scattered throughout the game. It's a good idea to get into the habit of scanning each new area that you come to, as you can never have too many supplies.

Once you gain control of Jill, drop off the steps and down onto the beach. Approach O'Brian ahead and follow the onscreen prompts to successfully scan the biomass at his feet. Next, approach the second mass near the shore and scan that too.

Get a 100% Analysis

Examine the carcass you just scanned and retrieve the mystery object. Next, grab the ammo on rock up ahead. Just to the left of the ammo, jammed on top of a tall pole, is another chunk of flesh - scan that too. There's more ammo on a gas canister behind you, near the large stone wall, should you wish to stock up on supplies.

Next, you want to proceed west along the beach, scanning the chunks of pink flesh as you go. Your main objective here is to get your analysis level up to 100%, so be sure to scan absolutely every biomass that you see. Scan the flesh dangling off the boat to the left, grab the ammo by the hut to the right, then continue west.

As near the tunnel, a large biomass on the ground will spring to life. Empty all you have into it (aim for the mouth whenever it rears its 'head' for additional damage), then scan it once it's down.

Continue west along the beach and grab the green herb on the ground at the mouth of the tunnel entrance. Proceed along the tunnel, scanning the chunk of flesh as you go, then approach the large biomass ahead. You'll need to scan this one too - but it'll explode at a certain point, interrupting your scan. Be sure to scan it again once it's dormant.

Grab the hand grenade on top of the barrel behind the carcass (the game will briefly explain how to use it) then follow the route between the rocks to the right, ignoring the pier on your left. Next, scan the flesh behind the barrel that you pass on your right and swipe the ammo on the ground. Inside the nearby rowing boat, you'll find another hand grenade.

There's also a green FDC crate nearby. Scan this and you'll see the previously invisible Handprint appear. Scan the newly revealed print to add it to your collection. There are a total of 30 hidden handprints in the game, and you'll receive several achievements - plus a bunch of special unlockables - for finding them all.

Continue following the path around and down to the water. Look left and you'll spot another chunk of flesh beneath the wooden pier - scan that too. Next, wade into the water and locate the gap between the rocks to the west. Pass through and up out onto the sand. Move to the end of the alcove and scan the flesh on the rocks to your right.

That should take your analysis level up to 100% which, as the game explains, will award you with a health recovery item. You can scan other species of mutant throughout the game to receive more health supplies. Note that there's more biomass flesh in the water by the carcass that exploded earlier and at the far end of the wooden pier if you're still short of a few percentage points for some reason.

Join up with O'Brian

With all that taken care of, backtrack east all the way along the beach, heading toward O'Brian. As you exit the tunnel and near the barn to your left, another large biomass blob will burst through the previously sealed doors. Empty a few rounds into its mouth hole as before then approach O'Brian at the far eastern end of the beach to end this sequence. Next, you must Search for Chris and Search for a Key as the episode continues.

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