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Resident Evil Revelations - Escape the Room with the Screwdriver

Continuing episode two in Resident Evil Revelations.

Escape the Room with the Screwdriver is one of the Resident Evil Revelation's earlier environment puzzles as you return back to playing Jill in Episode 2.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Escape the Room with the Screwdriver

Back onboard the Queen Zenobia, Jill awakes to find herself imprisoned in a dingy guest cabin. Your first task is to escape the room - but be aware that you no longer have access to your scanner or weapons. As such, you'll need to proceed cautiously.

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Approach the door on the northern wall and push the dresser twice to shift it out of the way. When the path is clear, head through the door into the bathroom.

Inside, grab the green herb from behind the door and interact with the toilet to raise the seat. If the SCREWDRIVER is revealed, take it. Otherwise, interact with the bath and select the option to drain it. The SCREWDRIVER should be here.

Once you have it, leave the bathroom and prepare for unarmed combat. As you near the wardrobe in the corner of the room, a mutant will burst out and strike. The game will immediately explain the concept of evasion before leaving you to put it into practice.

Your general aim here is to let your opponent get in close enough to initiate a lunge attack, and then quickly dodge out of the way. To end the battle, stay in the vicinity of the flickering television screen and evade the creature's clutches at the last moment. If all goes well, it will plunge headlong into the screen, bringing the fight to a dramatic conclusion.

With the creature down, make your way to the locked door around the corner and locate the panel on the wall to the left. Interact with it to unscrew the front then prepare for a miniature puzzle challenge.

The goal here is to untangle the wires and illuminate all the nodes by dragging them onto the glowing connector dots. However, the nodes will only slide along the grooves in the circuit board, so you'll need to juggle them back and forth to complete the puzzle.

The actual solution can vary from game to game, so you'll need to find it yourself. As soon as the puzzle is complete though, the adjacent door will unlock and the creature from earlier will wrench itself free of the television. Quickly leave the room before it can attack.

Join up with Parker

Outside, you'll find yourself in a right-angled passage leading north and east. Head north, grabbing the ammo from the dresser to the right. The door ahead is currently sealed with a chain and padlock. You'll need to shoot the lock off to proceed - and, to do that, you'll need a gun.

Retrace your steps and, this time, follow the passage east. Another enemy will appear as you round the corner, so dodge passed and head through the door at the end.

Out on the landing, make your way through the door in the southeast corner to enter the bathroom. There's a handy green herb to the left so grab it then about-face to leave the room. As you near the door, another mutant will step into your path so dodge its grip and return to the landing. From here, head through the door in the northwest corner of the room.

Walk along the passage and pause at the large painting directly ahead. Interact with it to reveal a wall safe. You'll need to acquire a swipe card before you can open it so, for now, just make a mental note of its position. Continue along the passage and take a quick left when you reach the junction in order to avoid the enemies congregating along the southern corridor. Go through the door at the end to reach another bedroom.

There are a few points of interest here: you'll find ammo on the dresser and bedside cabinet, and there's a shotgun held in place on the wall. To release it, you'll need to place an emblem on the plinth below - so you best get hunting for it.

Return to the thankfully now-unoccupied hallway outside and make your way toward the door ahead. Stay alert though: a mutant crawls out of the chest to left as you pass, so dodge around it to safety and head through the door. Proceed along the next passageway as it bends to the north and go through the door at the end.

There's an enemy slurping blood off the ground to the right in the next room - don't disturb it. Instead, wind your way anticlockwise around the room until you reach the blocked door to the east. As you near it, the creature will rise - quickly nudge the cabinet out of the way (push it from the left-hand side and it'll only take two shoves to clear your path) and slip through the door.

Follow the passage along and out onto the balcony. You'll emerge overlooking a grandiose dining room. Head down the staircase and note the silver door to your left - you'll need to find the Iron Anchor Key to open it.

For now, explore the dining area: you'll find two boxes of ammo, a locked door to the east (emblazoned with the Helm mark) and another door to the west. Approach the latter door to reunite with Parker. Next, it's time to Head to the Bridge and get one of the game's iconic weapons.

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