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Resident Evil 6 release date brought forward

Capcom reveals new October date and demo details.

Resident Evil 6 is having its release date brought forward to early October, with a demo of the latest in the survival horror series coming early this summer.

Originally slated for worldwide release on November 20 this year, it's now due out on October 2.

"First, let me say that we're not really afraid of other companies and their titles," Resident Evil 6's executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi told Eurogamer when asked if there was any game in particular that had prompted the change.

"The problem for us is when we brought this idea to the dev team and told them they'd have to cut some time off of their dev cycle to put this out early - that was the scariest thing, not the fear of other company's games."

"After we announced the game back in January, the reaction from fans was pretty impressive," continued producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. "In response to that, we decided that we wanted to get this game in people's hands as soon as possible."

A demo will be released later this year, with those who buy Capcom's forthcoming RPG Dragon's Dogma getting early access. A token will be included in all new copies of the game upon its release on May 25 (May 22 in America) with the demo being made available for download on July 3 on Xbox 360 and September 4 on PS3.

Resident Evil 6 introduces multiple playable characters to the series, each with their own distinctive style of play. You can read our early impressions elsewhere on the site.

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