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Resident Evil 3 fans are having fun with remake Nemesis' weirdly long teeth and smooshed nose

Pearly frights.

A remake of Resident Evil 3 is in development, even if Capcom hasn't actually announced the project. And, courtesy of yesterday's box art leak, we now have our first look at the re-jigged Nemesis, which is certainly big on... teeth.

For those unfamiliar, Nemesis is a horrific monster created in a vat by the shadowy Umbrella Corporation that pursues protagonist Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira throughout Raccoon City. Here's how it looked in the original Resident Evil 3:

Capcom has given Nemesis a new look for the remake, and based on the leaked box art Nemesis will pursue our hapless heroes with some fierce fangs.

Nemesis' gnashers have not gone unnoticed by Resident Evil fans, to put it lightly. Yes, Nemesis' new teeth look pretty cartoonish, but if this nightmare can open its mouth and bite off someone's head, it'll cut my laughter short.

R3make Nemesis teeth be like from r/residentevil

I'm actually terrified by this creature design. Weirdly long teeth or not, the thought of evading something with all the power of Mr. X that looks like different bodies sewn together is enough to make even Chris Redfield flee.

Nemesis be like from r/residentevil
Can't wait to see those pearly whites from r/residentevil
The new nemesis design looks dope. from r/residentevil

Under slightly less contention is Nemesis' nose, as revealed in the box art for the Z version of Resident Evil 3 remake:

This thing is still going to scare the shit out of me with or without a nose, but it is a bit odd the Umbrella Corporation gave their monster a nose in the first place. It all becomes a bit less sinister the more you think about it, like someone at Umbrella having to pop out to the shops and find a trench coat that fits the eight foot tall Mr. X.

R3make Nemesis without nose and slightly shorter teeth from r/residentevil

On the other hand, the glow-ups for Jill and Carlos have been met with resounding positivity. The pair certainly do look ready for the hell waiting for them in Raccoon City, even if Carlos' new hairdo bears a striking resemblance to Ichiban Kasuga, new protagonist for the forthcoming Yakuza game.

Old Jill Valentine & Carlos Oliveira & the redesigns from r/residentevil

Personally, I'm really looking forward to this unannounced game from Capcom. Resident Evil 2 remake was nothing short of a triumphant reimagining of a horror classic, and things are certainly looking up for Capcom of late.