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Redout 2 trailer shows off glorious high-speed racing

F Zer-ode.

A new trailer for futuristic racing sequel Redout 2 has detailed its gameplay.

The follow up to the 2016 original, Redout 2 offers high speed thrills akin to F-Zero and WipEout with anti-gravity ships and looping courses.

This sequel offers double the locations (now 10) and reversed courses, for a total of 72 unique tracks.

The game will have the option for AI assisted controls, meaning players can tweak the sensitivity of acceleration, braking, steering, strafing and pitching. That will aid learning its unique strafing system that allows for tight control at high speeds.

Six game modes are featured in its career progression, including races, time attack, last man standing, and bosses.

There will also be online multiplayer races with up to 12 players on "most platforms". The game is due for release across Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC and Switch.

Developer 34BigThings are also doubling down on vehicle customisation, which further sets the game apart from the competition. Players can pick from 12 chassis and then customise multiple ship elements to create their own unique racing craft.

Not only does the electronic soundtrack feature artists like Giorgio Moroder, Zardonic, and Dance with the Dead, a music-master algorithm mixes tracks dynamically based on how well you're doing.

There's no specific release date, but Redout 2 is due for release sometime in 2022. It should certainly scratch the itch for anyone awaiting a new F-Zero or WipEout release.

Martin wrote about Redout back in 2016, noting "34BigThings has thought long and hard about what it is that makes the genre tick, and has doubled down on the speed and style of the greats".

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