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Red Dead Redemption 2's full map leaked

Totally f***ing Mexico.

We're just days away from the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and images of the game's full map have leaked online.

The maps are a little blurry - they have been scanned from Red Dead Redemption 2's official guide book (in German) before being posted on Twitter and reddit - but one thing is now clear.

Warning: There may be spoilers ahead

Red Dead Redemption 2 includes much of the original Red Dead Redemption map - everything north of Mexico, to be exact. Starting town Armadillo is there, as well as Fort Mercer, Macfarlane's Ranch, Tumbleweed, Blackwater, Thieves' Landing and Tall Trees.

As a prequel to the original game it's possible we'll see Tumbleweed before it became a ghost town, and visit Macfarlane's Ranch to see a younger Bonnie Macfarlane - one of the original game's best characters. It's likely much of these areas will be less developed, as the Western frontier was still bringing civilisation cowboy-style to the plains.

The fact Mexico isn't included will not upset many - the region featured in Red Dead Redemption was widely seen as the weakest part of that game, the setting for hours of plot hanging around fighting on both sides of a tangential-feeling civil war.

The upper right portion of the map is all new, meanwhile, and looks larger than the original Red Dead Redemption 1 map with Mexico included, although it's tough to know the actual scale.

For your viewing pleasure, reddit user tomcruise_momshoes stitched the various map images together to create this overall picture in more detail. Click to embiggen:

It's interesting to compare the final map with the one leaked all the way back in 2016, which Eurogamer sources verified as accurate at the time. The new areas are almost exactly the same. The one major difference is at that point less of the Red Dead Redemption 1 map was to be included (Blackwater and Tall Trees only).

Yesterday we got our first glimpse of Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay, too. It's short, but there's a few things we can glean.

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