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Four days before launch, Red Dead Redemption 2 suffers its first gameplay leak

UPDATE: Rockstar takes down new video leaks.

UPDATE 2 - 24th Oct 2018: Rockstar is working to take down Red Dead Redemption 2 video leaks on YouTube.

A raft of videos that emerged today, including the one Eurogamer reported on this morning, are now unavailable on YouTube.

UPDATE 1 - 24th Oct 2018: Red Dead Redemption 2 has suffered another leak - this time apparently from Russia.

The video below is four minutes and 40 seconds of gameplay footage of Rockstar's cowboy game, showing Arthur Morgan shooting and punching a whole load of people in a town. Of note: the footage shows the game's first-person mode.

The quality of the video is poor (it looks like it was a stream filmed using a potato!), but it gives us the longest stretch of uncut gameplay footage seen to date.

Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out on 26th October, so the game will be in plenty of people's hands already. Expect more leaks in the coming days.

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ORIGINAL STORY 22nd Oct 2018: Four days before Red Dead Redemption 2 is due to launch officially, its first gameplay leak has hit the internet.

A 23-second clip of Rockstar's epic is currently online now, although I suspect it won't be long for this world (thanks, reddit).

The clip, which isn't particularly illuminating, shows playable character Arthur Morgan rock up to a campsite, pat his horse, get down then blow a few bad guys away.

There's a lot here fans of Red Dead Redemption will recognise, including the mini-map, the wanted system and the radial menu for weapons.

New is the slow motion kill cam, horse items and Premium Cigarette Packs, which you can obtain for a collectible cigarette card.

Of note: there are icons around the mini-map, and you can press L2 to "Lawman".

Watch on YouTube

This short clip is the first gameplay leak Red Dead Redemption 2 has suffered, which comes as something of a surprise given how close we are to the launch of the game and the fact copies of it are already in the hands of players.

Not long now!

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