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Red Dead Redemption 2's first PC mods out before the actual game

Stable release.

Red Dead Redemption 2's long-anticipated PC port launched only a few hours ago, but some PC mods have already appeared - and were, in fact, made public before the game was even playable. The modders really aren't horsing around.

The first mod on Nexus Mods, as spotted by PC Gamer, appears to be Joker face paint for Arthur Morgan - made by a modding group called Red Dead Modders. The group's already got its own website, which is currently advertising a bunch of other mods such as Terminator Arthur and gun cosmetics.

The modders admit on the Nexus Mods page that are "unsure of the installation process since the game isn't fully released yet", and will be updating that section shortly. Just how the modders got access to the files is a bit of a mystery - but it's possible Rockstar's given early access to select modders.

Modding problems require modding saloontions.

Along with the Joker face paint, Nexus Mods currently hosts two other mods: a photorealistic reshade by Digital Dreams, and sound files from the original Red Dead Redemption (created by "Fish", apparently). For aspiring RDR2 modders, Nexus Mods has created a handy guide for what to expect - although I'm sure we'll get a better idea over the coming days. Yeet-haw.