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Of course there's a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC mod that lets you play in the nip

Morgan you bargained for.

Well, we probably all saw this coming. After modders worked out how to transform into pretty much any animal or NPC model in Red Dead Redemption 2's PC version, it was only a matter of time before someone found models without clothes in the game - and looks like that person was me. Sorry everyone.

This article is NSFW (obviously), with some spoilers.

The mod Lenny's Simple Trainer, published by LMS on the website Mod Red Dead, allows players to edit the text in an INI file to easily swap between models in-game. The total model list provided on the website stretches into the thousands - and while some are obvious from their names, plenty are still left unexplored. And so, with a glass of gin in hand and the list on my monitor, last night I set about trying some promising ones.

As far as names go, "U_F_M_RhdNudeWoman_01" is a bit of a giveaway, and unsurprisingly using this model gets you a woman in the buff. Assuming Rhd stands for Rhodes, she's likely supposed to be from the town, although I have no recollection of seeing her there. Seems like a pretty liberating way to explore the countryside, although exploring the Grizzlies like that could get a bit nippy.

Taking bareback riding too literally.

Somewhat harder to find was a dude in his birthday suit - and while I'm yet to find a starkers male model, I have found something equally amusing. A man with his trousers around his ankles - and, even better, the model is named "U_M_M_ValPoopingMan_01".

Amazingly, this guy is capable of running even with his trousers down. Must be pretty desperate for the bog.

After looking it up afterwards, it seems like he's from an in-game event in Valentine where Arthur accidentally interrupts a man's toilet break - although you can't really see much, as it's a scripted event. Someone clearly went to the effort of modelling a penis, however.

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While Red Dead Redemption 2 has been rated 18+, you rarely see undressed characters in the game. During a drunken night out you can catch a glimpse of a couple getting it on (which is likely why the raw female model exists), while players have also observed random events such as the man skinny dipping in the lake, or the feral "wolf man" roaming the woods.

Red Dead Redemption 2 players have previously managed to mod the PS4 version to strip the main character (or by glitching a fiery bathtub), but using Lenny's Simple Trainer makes the process much easier, and also allows the player to play as an undressed woman - or as a man with a dong - for seemingly the first time (Arthur is modelled with a smooth crotch).

The fun and games don't stop at risqué models, however, and there are plenty of other wacky things to try. One of these is the robot from the Marko Dragic sidequest, which surprisingly works well as a player model (apart from jumping - perhaps the robot's too heavy). I also managed to play as a vampire, and effectively zombies by reanimating the game's corpse models. The regular corpse has a rotten effect, while cholera appears to provide a more bluish tinge - but both have glowing yellowy-green eyes. Disgusting.

Model names CS_crackpotRobot, CS_Vampire, A_F_M_UniCorpse_01 and A_F_M_ARMCHOLERACORPSE_01 respectively.

If you want to try the mod out for yourself, first make sure to create a backup of your game files, and to disable autosaves in your game. It's worth noting you also shouldn't use this mod when playing Red Dead Online, as it could potentially result in a ban. You'll need to paste all the files into the root directory of Red Dead Redemption 2 (where the game is installed), then edit the Ist.ini file to insert model names from this list. Then, all it takes is holding down F7 to swap between your chosen character models - and you can edit the Ist.ini file while the game's running to add more.

Pop the names in the 'models' line, with commas to separate each one.

The latest version of Lenny's Simple Trainer also allows players to access any of the weapons on this list, or teleport to locations provided here - including Guarma and some off-map locations. Unfortunately there's not much to see at these, but exploring how the edge of the world is constructed is interesting from a game design perspective. Again, all you need to do is paste the relevant information into the Ist.ini file, then hold down the appropriate hotkey.

Meanwhile, possibly the most fun I've had so far (aside from drinking as a snake and learning about hidden characters in the files) is flying a pigeon around Saint Denis - a surprisingly difficult thing to do, given the pigeon's size and the speed at which it flies. Try not to smack yourself into a lamppost.