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PS5-exclusive Destruction AllStars details launch-day modes, gets new gameplay trailer

Ahead of release in February next year.

Sony has shared fresh details on Destruction AllStars, developer Lucid Games' PS5-exclusive multiplayer driving romp, and tossed in a new gameplay trailer for good measure.

Destruction AllStars had initially been pencilled in as a PS5 launch title, but was delayed last month for release in February 2021, when it will be given away to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Despite its relative imminence, however, details have remained rather thin on the ground.

Now, though, in a PlayStation Blog post, Lucid Games has shared a new Destruction Allstars gameplay trailer, alongside word on the four game modes set to be included at launch - titled Mayhem, Carnado, Stockpile, and Gridfall - which will be playable solo, in a team with AI, or with friends and rivals in online multiplayer.

A fresh look at Destruction AllStars' gameplay coming to PS5 next year.Watch on YouTube

Mayhem is described as a classic deathmatch, playable solo or in teams, which challenges players to score the most points by dealing damage and wrecking opponents within the time limit. Carnado plays similarly but adds a new risk-reward element, with players able to score Gears (an in-game collectible item) by driving into the titular Carnado. This does mean, however, that they'll need to walk perilously on-foot to retrieve a new vehicle.

Stockpile, meanwhile, is a spin on capture and control, in which players can spill Gears onto the ground by wrecking or knocking out opponents. Gears must then be gathered on-foot and deposited at one of three banks around the map to claim them for a team.

Last is Gridfall, which sees 16 players attempting to be the last one standing. As a match progresses, the arena will fall away and those knocked off the edge will have a finite number of re-spawns before they're kicked out of the match for good.

It wouldn't be a live service game without oodles of cosmetics.

Alongside Destruction AllStars' initial batch of game modes, Sony has shared details on a few more features included at launch. There's a tutorial, enabling players to try out any of the 16 AllStars characters, as well as Challenge Series, offering a curated selection of challenges against AI opponents that unlock character and player cosmetics. Levelling up in multiplayer will also award AllStar Coins, which can be spent on additional cosmetics.

Lucid says that, following Destruction AllStars' February release, it will expand the launch experience with new Seasons, events, game modes, and updates throughout 2021.