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PS4 online multiplayer drops PlayStation Plus requirement for five days

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For five days this week PlayStation 4 online multiplayer will not require PlayStation Plus. Now if only the Call of Duty: WW2 servers would work...

It means online multiplayer will be open to all PS4 users from Wednesday 15th November, 10am GMT, through to Monday 20th, 10am GMT.

PlayStation Plus usually requires a monthly subscription of £6.99, and offers online multiplayer as well as two free PS4 games a month and discounts in return. November's free games are balletic beauty Bound and Worms Battlegronds, for example, with VR game Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and PlayLink game That's You! thrown in. The offerings are usually pretty good.

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PlayStation Plus launched way back in summer 2010, and was Sony's fledgling attempt at tapping the flow of cash Xbox Live Gold was bringing in for Microsoft. It wasn't until the PlayStation 4 came out in autumn 2014 Sony began requiring Plus for online multiplayer, and the results speak for themselves: a year ago, Sony announced it had 21 million PS Plus subscribers, and PlayStation Network was making more money than all of Nintendo - though Nintendo Switch sales have since turned things around.

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