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Call of Duty WW2 XP sources, how to use the double XP booster and the best game mode for fast XP

The many sources and boosts of experience points in Call of Duty's latest multiplayer.

Earning Call of Duty WW2 XP is one of the most important aspects of multiplayer, allowing you to level up Divisions, unlock new weapons and ultimately Prestige.

It guides progression throughout the game's competitive mode, and learning how to get fast XP - whether it's through choosing the best game mode for XP or learning how to use double XP - means you can unlock what you want sooner.

Call of Duty WW2 XP sources

You gain experience broadly in two areas - from playing matches and completing objectives and contracts. There are also a variety of sources of boosters - allowing you to gain anywhere from 25% to 100% extra XP depending on the source.

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XP point sources

  • Match XP (from kills and objectives
  • Match bonus (doubled for winning)
  • Challenge Bonus (completing challenges)
  • Headquarters Challenges (such as Commend a Soldier, 750XP each)
  • Contract rewards (varies from 750XP to 3000 XP depending on difficulty)

Booster sources

  • Order rewards (varies, usually offers 25% bonus for soldier or weapon for 20 minutes)
  • Supply Drops (5 minutes for common drops, 10 minutes for rare drops, etc)
  • Epic version of weapons (unlock all items within a collection, weapon comes with 10% Soldier XP perk)
  • Pre-order bonus (double XP, see below)

Call of Duty WW2 fast XP sources and the best game mode for XP

To get fast XP, you'll want to keep on top of those multipliers.

Priortising Orders which give you XP boosts over other rewards and having your fingers crossed for Supply Drops will help.Long term, you'll want to unlock the Epic version of your preferred weapon by unlocking all items within its Collection; some of these can come from Supply Drops, but you'll otherwise have to save up Credits from the Mail box (or win them by gambling on Contracts).

There's a few plates to spin, but if you're savvy about how you play, every little helps to boost you through the ranks.

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As for the best game mode for XP, broadly it should be the one you are best at. Are you most skilled at objective-based matches? Then focus on War or one of the more traditional modes such as Domination. If you're a sharpshooter, then perhaps team deathmatch is up to you.

If you're after raw numbers, though, War is touted by users on the WW2 subreddit as a good source, something which aligns with our own experiences.

It doesn't count towards your kill death ratio so you can adopt whatever strategy works for your objective, but kills do count towards Orders, Contracts and Challenge progress, as well as higher than usual XP rewards for match completions.

Out for more advice on COD WW2's multiplayer? It's worth checking out which Division suits you best, then how to unlock the best COD WW2 guns as well as its various Prestige rewards using fast XP methods. If you're still having connectibity problems post-launch meanwhile, our Call of Duty WW2 server issues delves into error codes and other troubleshooting tips, and finally we can also help you tick off the Commend a soldier challenge in Headquarters, too.

How to use double XP and where to track XP boosters

If you have pre-ordered the game, you'll have access to four hours of Multiplayer Double XP (as well as a Prestige Token - perfect for unlocking one of the best guns early).

This will located in your Mail upon your first visit to Headquarters. As soon as you collect it, it'll add the booster to your account.

As with other boosters, it'll only tick down during matches, but unlike other boosters, this one is capped at one hour per day - so you'll need to play at least across four days to use it all up. Saves you blowing it all in a single evening.

If you want to track how much time is left on this and other boosters, then press Pause or Options in Headquarters, go to the Soldier tab, and select the 'Active Boosts' option at the bottom.

All boosts are all automatically added to your account when you pick them up. This includes Multiplayer Double XP, which only begins when you get it from your Mail box, so if you want to save it until you've become more used to the game, that's an option.

If you didn't get your double XP booster, that is an issue currently under investigation. As of writing, missing boosters have been fixed for some consoles with a post-release patch, but it's worth checking Actvision's list of known issues to check its progress if not.

Like server issues, these are hopefully launch problems that will be resolved sooner than later.

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