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Call of Duty: WW2 just got a new division focused on team play

Here comes the Cavalry.

Call of Duty: WW2 gets its third DLC expansion on PlayStation 4 today - and alongside it players on all platforms get a major update that adds a cool new division.

The Cavalry is an objective-focused class described as "the true team-play division". Cavalry soldiers use the Cavalry Shield, which you can use to protect yourself against enemy fire. Cavalry soldiers also have improved objective capabilities, including capturing Domination flags faster, planting bombs in Search & Destroy quicker and swiftly building and destroying walls in War mode.

Additionally, the Cavalry gets more score from objectives, and every two assists equal a kill. And the Cavalry can get back to the objective quicker - ramming enemies along the way - by entering Shield Charge while sprinting.

It sounds like the Cavalry will be particularly useful in War mode. While their core objective speed is not affected, so the tank push speed, for example, remains the same, they have quicker builds and destroys of walls, barbed wire and tank spikes. And it's worth noting the Cavalry gets XP while securing hardpoint zones and while escorting the tank and at tank checkpoints.

There are three new basic trainings. The first is called Escalation, which developer Sledgehammer said is perfect for those who love rushing with an SMG. Here's how it works: after each kill you can aim down sights twice as fast for a short period. This lets you snap onto targets and take them down in rapid succession. Double kills with Escalation instantly refill your magazine, which will help you keep the pressure up.

The second basic training is Wanderlust, which is kind of like a personal Gun Game. Each life, you respawn with a new random gun, which has up to six attachments. Weapon switching will give you a new weapon, too.

And finally, the Specialist basic training. This lets you pick three basic trainings to earn instead of scorestreaks. At 200, 400 and 600 score, you unlock each basic training. And at 800 score, you are granted all basic trainings in the game, which sounds pretty crazy. Progress resets on death, though.

The patch notes in full are over on the Call of Duty: WW2 subreddit.

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