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PS3 Tiger Woods Move kinks smoothed

Plus: Kinect possible for the future.

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Playing this year's Tiger Woods game with the PlayStation Move controller will be much better than it was with last year's game, EA's promised.

Why? Because unlike with Tiger Woods 11, the development team has had a "full cycle" to work on making Tiger sing with Sony's motion controller.

"We have full Sony Move support this year," lead designer Mike DeVault explained to Eurogamer. "Last year we had a patch that integrated the support into the game. This year we've had a full cycle to dedicate to the Move. We've been able to smooth out a lot of the kinks we had from last year and then also add some functionality."

The PS3 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 was one of the first games to confirm support for the Move – what was then known as Arc.

In a round-up article Christian Donlan pointed out problems with the Tiger Woods Move experience: "All told, it's probably easier to land membership in the Freemasons than it is to get a good round of golf playing like this."

Donlan did, however, predict a bright future. "When EA has a chance to make a Move golf game from the ground up, I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that most of these problems are going to disappear." This, according to developer EA Tiburon, is exactly what's happened.

As for that added functionality, "This year we added first-person camera to the Move, which is something we had on the Wii version and people seemed to like, so we made sure we brought it over to the PlayStation," DeVault continued.

But what of Kinect support for the Xbox 360 version? Like last year's effort, this year's game misses Kinect out. But, "Definitely, yes," DeVault said when asked whether Kinect could work well in a golf game. "Kinect is something we're very interested in and something we're looking to build towards in the future."

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