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Tiger Woods not on PGA Tour 12 box art

Has he paid the price for his infidelity?

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The world's most famous golfer, Tiger Woods, appears to have been dropped by EA Sports for the box art of the latest game in the long-running Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf series.

Box art for the standard edition of all three versions of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters go big on the Masters Logo, with poor Tiger nowhere to be found. Check it out below.

Although a golfer that looks like it may be Woods is shown swinging a club, EA told Eurogamer this afternoon the ex-world number one does not appear on the cover of the game.

He may, however, appear on the box art of the PS3-exclusive Collector's Edition, Eurogamer understands.

Is the move a slap on the wrist from EA following the controversy surrounding Woods' private life and loss of form?

In a statement provided to Eurogamer, EA said the box art "is all about celebrating the Masters".

"This year's iteration of the game is all about celebrating the Masters and the inclusion of the historic Augusta National Golf Course in the game," EA said.

"And the box art is a direct reflection of that celebration. We want consumers to experience the rich history of the tournament and having one of the most iconic holes in golf (No 12 - Golden Bell) makes the cover art instantly recognizable to a broad spectrum of gamers and golf fans."

Sales of the 2011 iteration were down 68 per cent compared to the previous year's edition.

Last month, EA boss John Riccitiello said Woods needed to start winning games in order for his business relationship with EA to make sense.

"We have no plans to move away from him, but it's a business relationship on the basis of we make the best golf game and he's the best golfer," Riccitiello said.

"Both of those things need to be true in the long run for the partnership to make sense.

"He sort of stuck with us for a very long time and we made great business together," he added, "and we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a period of time."

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