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EA Season Ticket subscription launches

Update: Why it's not on PS3 in Europe.

Update: EA Sports has explained to Eurogamer why the EA Sports Season Ticket is only available on Xbox 360 in Europe.

"While we have not reached an agreement for the program with Sony Europe," EA said, "we're pleased to be able to offer EA Sports Season Ticket for both PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America and Xbox 360 in Europe."

Original story: The vision EA Sports vice president Andrew Wilson presented to Eurogamer of a paid subscription service has come true - EA Sports Season Ticket has launched.

For an annual fee of $24.99 or 2000 Microsoft Points, you'll get early access to EA Sports games, discounted DLC, premium web content and membership recognition.

You can subscribe through Xbox Live today. EA Sports Season Ticket is available on PS3 in North America only.

On Xbox 360, download and launch the EA Sports application and "follow the prompts" to take part. On PS3, search for EA Sports Season Ticket. The first EA game to support the Season Ticket will be Madden NFL 12, which launches this month.

Future Season Ticket games include FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NHL Hockey and NCAA Football.

Season Ticket holders get access to EA Sports games three days before release via digital distribution. Once the game hits shop shelves, the digital version will disappear and you'll have to go to a shop and buy the title. All your Achievements and Trophies carry over, and you'll have had a crucial head start on the competition.

The small print: "Digital download is available at 6pm EST four days before launch to ensure subscribers get a full three days to play following the download time. The digital version will time out when the product is available at retail."

All DLC will be knocked down 20 per cent for Season Ticket holders.

All EA Sports games will pack 'premium web content' that Season Ticket holders get for free. This will begin with the Creation Center packs for FIFA 12. These offer better customisation tools with which to build teams and tournaments.

Season Ticket holders will also stand out by brandishing a special and exclusive badge on EA Sports profiles and in game.

FIFA 12 will support EA Sports Season Ticket.