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Tiger Woods dev unfazed by controversy

"We have our job to do."

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2009 saw Tiger Woods splashed across the front rather than the back pages as story after story detailing the world's richest sportsman's infidelities hit the headlines.

But for EA Tiburon, the developer behind EA's annual golf franchise, it's business as usual as work ramps up on this year's Tiger Woods game.

"No, not at all," replied lead designer Mike DeVault when asked whether the revelations surrounding Woods' troubled personal life had impacted the franchise in any way.

"We have our job to do. It's pretty much business as usual for us. It hasn't impacted us at all."

Last year EA boss John Riccitiello went on the record to say Woods needed to start winning games in order for his business relationship with EA to make sense.

"We have no plans to move away from him, but it's a business relationship on the basis of we make the best golf game and he's the best golfer," Riccitiello said.

"Both of those things need to be true in the long run for the partnership to make sense. He sort of stuck with us for a very long time and we made great business together, and we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a period of time."

The golfing icon has suffered a serious dip in form since the tabloid feeding frenzy surrounding his extra-marital affairs.

Sales of EA's annual Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise took a battering last year, leading some to speculate that the two events might have been related.

More questions were asked this month when EA revealed the box art of this year's game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf: The Masters – sans Tiger Woods.

For DeVault, though, all that matters is that Woods keeps performing on the golf course.

"He's still the best golfer in the world, which is really all that we're interested in and really what's important to us. Honestly, he's been a fundamental part of our franchise and he's just continuing to help us. We're still extremely happy that he's part of the game."

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