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Tiger Woods 12 breaks series records

First week sales, digital revenues soar.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters carded best ever week one US sales for EA's 14-year-old golf franchise, the publisher has announced.

According to internal estimates, the latest entry in the annual series shifted approximately 225,000 units in the seven days following its 29th March launch – up 17 per cent on previous best Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

On top of that, week one console digital revenue was up by a whopping 200 per cent. Given the ridiculously long list of add-ons available from launch, that's perhaps not much of a surprise.

"We expected fans to be excited about the Masters and for sales to be up significantly. We're pleased that they are," commented EA Sports boss Peter Moore.

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters has earned rave reviews, and fans have played nearly two million rounds at Augusta National Golf Club during the first two weeks."

EA boasted a few other gameplay stats too. Seven million games have now been played in total on all courses. On consoles, the equivalent of 2,515 PGA Tour seasons have been completed in online tournaments.

Over 184 million golf shots have been taken, 1.5 million achievements and trophies unlocked, and 12 million course mastery objectives completed.