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EA responds to Tiger Woods 12 PC outcry

"It's a unique experience."

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EA has responded to allegations that the full-price Tiger Woods 12 game on PC is incomparable with its namesake on console.

On PC, Tiger Woods 12 lacks several of the single-player modes present on console. What's more, the console multiplayer mode has been replaced on PC by a limited three-month subscription to Tiger Woods Online.

In a statement given to Eurogamer, EA described Tiger Woods 12 on PC as "a unique experience"; one that "combines some of the best single-player game modes of the console version with the accessibility and multiplayer offerings of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online."

"We address each customer service inquiry on a case-by-case basis and customer satisfaction is our top priority," the statement added, referring to the refunds procedure.

Since Tiger Woods 12 was released, EA's forum has been flooded with PC gamers frustrated with their version of the golf game.

"PC fans of Tiger Woods would have been perfectly pleased with a port," one user complained.

"No grass, just green-coloured, barely texture-mapped bland surfaces?"

EA previously announced it would refund customers who felt mislead by Tiger Woods 12's PC offering.

Tiger Woods 12 on PC.

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