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Probably the best fan-made Battlefield 4 video ever

Through My Eyes: I will show you war.

A couple of Battlefield 4 players have released a new fan-made movie that may be the best yet.

The video, below, is called "Through My Eyes: I will show you war", and was made by The Two Scotsmen, a collective whose YouTube channel is packed with Battlefield 4 videos.

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Through My Eyes, which is already catching the attention of the Battlefield 4 community, depicts typically chaotic Battlefield action from the perspective of a soldier on the ground, complete with plenty of explosions and close quarters combat. It certainly shows off DICE's first-person shooter at its best.

The producer, Glaswegian video editor Chris Deeprose, has promised more videos in the series. Watch this space.

DICE has revealed its plans to combat rubber-banding in the next Battlefield 4 update.

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