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Prizefighter demo on Live

Don King punch.

Xbox 360 owners can go home and punch each other in the pretend face later thanks to a demo of Don King's Prizefighter pitching up on Xbox Live.

Ironically, given that it's the one game suitable for the "weighs in at" metaphor, we have no idea how big the file is based on Major Nelson's blog description.

However, we are told that you get to take part in a three-round bout at Madison Square Garden between Joe Calzaghe and Luis Collazo for one or two players.

In the full game, you'll concentrate on developing a boxer from scratch, working your way up the ranks until Don King himself represents you.

We're also told that you can't download the demo if you're from Austria, Canada, Ireland, Mexico or Switzerland.

Prizefighter is out now on Xbox 360. We thought it was alright but in the end our review came down against it.