Don King presents: Prizefighter

Prizefighter demo on Live

Don King punch.

Xbox 360 owners can go home and punch each other in the pretend face later thanks to a demo of Don King's Prizefighter pitching up on Xbox Live.

MGS4 debuts at top of UK charts

Not a record breaker. Full top 40 inside.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has shot to the top of the UK all formats chart, becoming the fastest-selling PS3-exclusive ever; second only to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Don King Presents: Prizefighter

"Martin Luther King took us to the mountain top," Don King once said. "I want to take us to the bank." 2K Sports is up for that, and so we have Don King Presents: Prizefighter, which pretends to be a sports documentary looking back on the life of a world-conquering boxer called The Kid. You.

We begin by designing The Kid. The Career mode focuses on heavyweights, so options are limited to appearance, whether he's orthodox or southpaw (right- or left-handed) and what sort of trunks he wears. Be careful though, because if your man's tall and his shorts are short, he looks like a bloke in a nappy. No one wants that. Apollo Creed wouldn't stand for that.

Then you watch some videos. This is Prizefighter's gimmick: Don King and other figures from the world of boxing, and a selection of actors, have recorded a range of fake interviews detailing the trials and tribulations The Kid faced on his route from back-room brawler to heavyweight champ. The game's producers (or more likely Don King's production company) have chopped them up into little quick-fire sound-bites and strung them together.

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Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Eurogamer presents: preview.

Don King really does present Venom Games' new boxing endeavour. From the very first screens, hairstyling's answer to the brillo pad is everywhere - there are samples of his voice in the 70s themed funk music, and a deep red, posterised picture of his face looms ominously behind the menu screen. And that's even before he starts talking at you (excitedly, and at great length) in some of the game's many, many live-action video clips. This, after all, is a paean to the golden age of heavyweight boxing, the 1970s - and it's hard to deny that Don King, arguably the sport's most famous and most successful promoter, was a pivotal figure in that era.

2K announces Don King game

2K announces Don King game

Hrm, that sounds rude.

While most of the world was watching the Hitman's heroic near-victory over Floyd Mayweather this weekend, 2K Games was doing that thing where you hit the little swingy one that looks like a tonsil repeatedly very fast to herald the announcement of Don King Presents: Prizefighter.

Developed by Venom Games, it's due out on Xbox 360, Wii and DS (but sadly not PS3) in spring 2008, and will see players working through a career mode, training between bouts to help maintain audience appeal, and managing personal relationships away from the canvas thing with the ropes. Let's hope it's like a cross between Rocky and Fahrenheit.

"In all my years working in professional boxing, I have never seen anything come as close to recreating the thrill, the intensity, the courage, and the spectacle of the sport," said Don King himself, who is a famous boxing promoter according to Wikipedia and not just a character in that Simpsons episode where Homer beats up tramps. I know lots about boxing, me.

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