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Pokkén Tournament punishes rage quitters

Capcom take note.

Unlike Street Fighter 5, Wii U fighting game Pokkén Tournament punishes rage quitters.

Not only that, the game asks you not to rage quit before you venture online - via a stern message delivered by an anime character.

When you first venture online, Nia, your in-game trainer, issues a warning:

How could anyone rage quit after such a warning!

Well, you can, of course. This is where Pokkén Tournament takes action. Quit out of a match early and you're docked Poké Gold, the in-game currency used to buy cosmetic items.

See, Capcom! It's not hard, is it? As for Street Fighter 5, Capcom's said it's working on adding a punishment feature to the game. In the meantime, it reset the League Points of 30 players it found to be rage quitting, including one Japanese player who battled back to the top of the online rankings after Capcom stripped him of his League Points.

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