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Punished Street Fighter 5 rage quitter battles back to the top

Reformed World_Combo does things the right way.

Last month, Capcom took action against 30 Street Fighter 5 rage quitters, resetting their League Points and, as a result, dumping them back down the online ranking system.

One of those affected was Japanese player "World_Combo", who had been accused of rage quitting his way to top spot on the global leaderboard. With over 10,000 League Points, World Combo, who plays as FANG, was among the first two players to reach the Super Platinum league in Street Fighter 5's ranking system.

World Combo hit the headlines last week when fighting game website EventHubs revealed Capcom had stripped him of his League Points.

As Eurogamer reported last month, Street Fighter 5 does not punish those who rage quit. If you quit out of a match early, neither player gains or loses League Points. As far as the game is considered, matches that end as a result of a lost connection never existed.

World_Combo, however, appears to have learnt his lesson - and demonstrated his exceptional Street Fighter 5 skills by battling back to just under 8000 League Points to reach Platinum League.

I checked the leaderboards today, and at the time of publication World_Combo is ranked 29th in the world, just one place behind legendary fighting game player Daigo "The Beast" Umehara.

Street Fighter 5 players have already approved of the reformed World_Combo, saying he had the skills to compete at the top level of the game without rage quitting. That he did this in just a week suggests he's playing Street Fighter 5 a lot.

Meanwhile, Capcom is yet to discuss its promised rage quitting punishment, save for saying something is in the works. Most players hope for a system that automatically docks League Points from those who quit matches early.

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