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Pokémon Nuzlocke fans think Fuecoco is too easy

"I recommend banning it for a more interesting run."

It's fair to say Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have caused their share of complaints. Now, fans are upset that a Pokémon is too good.

Fire starter Fuecoco has been branded as "broken" by proponents of Pokémon's "Nuzlocke" style of gameplay - the fan-invented method of playing Pokémon which essentially amounts to permadeath.

Any Pokémon which faints in a Nuzlocke run is considered dead and must be released back into the wild. Additionally, you may only catch the first creature in any area and no other, severely limiting the number of Pokémon at your disposal.

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These rules add to the importance of your starter Pokémon pick, which is likely to carry you through the game's opening stages. And it's here which Fuecoco is coming up a cropper - at least, with fans after a tougher challenge.

Why? It's all down to Fuecoco's typing and moveset, which give him an advantage over five gyms, an Elite Four member and the game's overall Champion.

That's according to PokemonChallenges, a high-profile Pokémon streamer who specialises in Nuzlocke runs and who yesterday completed a zero-death run of Violet in 20 hours (thanks, The Gamer).

"I did notice it a bit after using Sprigatito and thinking to myself 'this game seems like it would be a lot easier with fuecoco', but after seeing the entire game, plus your analysis..." another fan replied. "People always ask for difficulties, this starter choice is as close as it gets."

We won't spoil too many of the game's gyms if you're still playing (not everyone can finish it in 20 hours in one sitting...), but yes, it's easy to see from the game's opening section that Fuecoco will have an easy ride against Bug-type leader Katy and Grass-type leader Brassius.

Still, it's about time the series' Fire-types had an easier ride. Memorably, Charmander was always seen as the tougher pick in Pokémon Red and Blue - with some disadvantages against the game's first two gym leaders (Brock and Misty), and only one gym with a real advantage (when facing Erika). But even then, both Squirtle and Bulbasaur were more evenly matched, with just a couple of gyms each where they would have a strong advantage.

Which Scarlet and Violet starter Pokémon did you pick, and why was it Fuecoco? After all, he has the best evolutions by far.

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