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Pokémon has come to Crufts


Here is something adorable to ease you into Monday afternoon: a little chihuahua has stolen the hearts of many by performing to the Pokémon theme at Crufts.

Seven-year-old pup Sophie and her trainer (or should that be Trainer, as we are talking Pokémon here) Jenny took part in the Freestyle Heelwork to Music Competition last week. The duo told a story through their choreography, with Sophie the chihuahua taking on the star role of Pikachu. Meanwhile, Jenny donned the blue shirt and baseball cap of Ash.

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Together the twosome showed off their fancy footwork while unearthing a Bulbasaur in the bushes and beating a Charizard in battle. A particular highlight in the routine comes when Sophie gives an adorable high-five to Jenny, as the song's lyrics pronounce "there's no better team".

Check it out for yourself below (Sophie and Jenny's routine starts at 16.30).

Watch on YouTube

Sadly, for Sophie and Jenny, they did not win the competition. Their total score was a still very commendable 22.63, but it just wasn't enough to secure them the coveted top spot.

But regardless of the scores, if you need a quick pick-me up this afternoon, then this is the video for you.

I'd even go as far as to say, it is pawesome!

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