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Pokémon Go's next Community Day spotlights a fan-favourite creature and yet more bonuses

As Niantic tempts you back outside.

August's Pokémon Go Community Day will feature Galarian Zigzagoon - yes, that's the Pokémon whose evolution is inspired by Kiss frontman Gene Simmons - alongside the largest number of event bonuses ever, to get people playing back outside.

The rollcall of extras set to be bestowed on players next month, on Saturday 13th August, includes new Timed Research which will award players with a full avatar item set themed around G-Zig.

All-in-all, it's a massive step up from this weekend's Community Day for July, which featured boring bird Pokémon Starly.

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Pokémon Go is having another busy summer, including three in-person Go Fests where you can catch Shaymin's Sky Forme.

Let's be clear, July's Community Day was not a classic. However good its evolution might be in PVP, Starly was never going to attract hordes of players outside - but I suspect Niantic had its reasons for giving players a relatively relaxed experience.

On the back of a fan-favourite Community Day in June for Deino, and amongst fine weather which would likely encourage people to gather in their communities no matter the creature, Starly felt like a litmus test for how many would show up to catch a brand-new Shiny, regardless of what was offered.

Galarian Zigzagoon.
Gene Simmons, AKA Galarian Zigzagoon.

Still, there's no doubt G-Zig is an all-round better candidate. This is another Shinx-like day where Niantic essentially decides it is done monetising a Pokémon behind raids/egg incubators and lets everyone have a good shot at catching an attractive Shiny or two.

There's also the day's free avatar set - something I hope becomes an addition to all Community Days going forward. Available via a free Timed Research questline (on top of the usual 79p research ticket), this is a strong incentive from Niantic to get out and play. You'll need 100 catches over three hours to finish it all - not difficult.

I'd have liked to see my avatar with his tongue stuck out too, but this will do.

The usual smattering of Community Day bonuses will include triple catch Stardust, double catch Candy, and a doubled chance of receiving XL Candy, on top of three hour Incense and Lures.

More recently-added Community Day bonuses will also be active, such as an additional Special Trade and a 50 percent Stardust reduction for trading.

And that's on top of the newer bonuses for groups which will see more Pokémon spawn when players catch at a Lured PokéStop, and the ability to re-activate Community Day spawns within a 300m radius of any completed 4-star raid after the main three-hour event window closes.

Back in 2019, Gene Simmons said he found Pokémon's tribute to him "flattering".

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