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Pokémon Go will reward your exercise, even when you're not playing

Time to hit the gym.

Pokémon Go is always on my phone screen when I'm out and about - and my phone's battery suffers because of it. So I'm very interested in Adventure Sync, an upcoming feature that rewards you even when you're not playing and your phone is tucked in your pocket.

Adventure Sync converts your walking distances into in-game rewards, so you can earn buddy candy and incubate eggs just as if the game was on-screen.

You also gain further rewards for hitting weekly activity milestones.

Your activity data is already tracked via Apple Health on iPhone or Google Fit on Android - it sounds like Adventure Sync simply keeps track of this and updates the game when you next turn it on. You also get push notifications to let you know when you're about to hatch eggs. Handy!

In other Pokémon Go news, here are two more dates for your calendar: Saturday 10th November will host the game's next Community Day event, this time for Johto fire starter Cyndaquil. Before that, a special raid day for Gengar will be held on Saturday 3rd November, with Shiny Gengar available for the first time.

My phone battery hates me.

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