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Pokémon Go will let you trade Pokémon in future update

This will be Popplio.

Pokémon Go has not long made its debut on smartphones, but developer Niantic is already teasing what's next for the location-based game.

While the app encourages players to work together to locate and lure Pokémon out in the wild, there are plans to introduce one of the mainstays of the franchise - trading - in a future update.

While specifics on how this work have yet to be revealed - such as whether it will be location-based, or work direct from player-to-player - CEO John Hanke described it as a "kind of a core element", according to Business Insider.

Elsewhere, PokéStops and Gyms - which are attractions situated at real-world landmarks, offering players the chance to collect items and experience, or battle with other teams respectively - are described as being in their "very most basic versions" by Hanke, teasing improvements for players to "customize their functions in other ways".

Meanwhile, the game's AR functionality - which displays any Pokémon you find into the real world using your phone's camera with augmented reality - is also being described as being in its "first great step", so expect some improvements there. There's also plans for a global leaderboard for players to show off their Poké prowess.

Hanke rounded off the interview by teasing the game could come to dedicated AR devices at some point, so look forward to that when those devices gain traction.

Pokemon Go has become a bit of a phenomenon since launch, rocketing to the top of mobile charts in several territories. There has beeen reports of businesses attracting players, as well as trainers teaming up in their droves out in the wild in a bid to catch creatures.

The app is still not available in the UK due to demands on servers, but there's still plenty of people playing thanks to a workaround on Android. If you're after more Pokémon Go strategies, check out our Pokémon Go guide, tips, tricks and cheats page to get the most out of finding Pokémon, catching them, leveling up and much more.

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