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Pokémon Go has a Lunar New Year event, and another new shiny Pokémon

Dog days.

Pokémon Go has another new in-game event, this time to celebrate Lunar New Year.

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Pokémon Go is currently offering increased Stardust when you catch a pooch-related 'mon.

That includes fire dog Growlithe, electric dog Electrike, fairy dog Snubbull, wolfy dog Poochyena, and Eevee which is more a fox but we'll go with it.

(Houndoor is presumably left out because it was featured during last year's Halloween event.)

Notably, this event also marks the appearance of a new shiny Pokémon variety - for Poochyena, and therefore also its evolution Mightyena. Anecdotal evidence suggests this shiny variant is, as usual, a rare find.

Still seeing Luvdisc left over from Pokémon Go's Valentines event? Niantic last night extended the heartfelt holiday shenanigans by another 24 hours due to some log-in issues yesterday evening.

If you're out Pokémon hunting this weekend, Eurogamer has a Pokémon Go Lunar New Year event guide to help you maximise your catches.

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