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Pokémon Go developer diary series begins with look at Community Days

As Shinx is confirmed for November.

In the wake of this summer's big fan protest, Pokémon Go developer Niantic promised better communication with its player base.

One element of that is a new developer diary series, shedding light on various aspects of the game and the thinking behind them. First up is Community Day, the popular monthly in-game event which spotlights a singular 'mon.

Discussing why certain Pokémon are picked, Niantic's Michael Steranka said that Pokémon Go is designed as a "forever game", with a wide mix of creatures to be featured. In other words, it shouldn't just be the most popular or most powerful creatures which get a look in.

Cover image for YouTube videoDeveloper Diaries: Community Day

46 Community Days starring 41 unique Pokémon have already occurred, with many favourites already featured. Niantic is now planning the next few years' of Community Days, and how to introduce more exclusive moves while avoiding power creep.

On interesting bit of trivia was that this year's most popular Community Day day was the re-run of Eevee - showing that even repeat fan-favourites will draw a big crowd.

November's Community Day, on the 21st, will be the popular Electric-type Pokémon Shinx, Niantic has just announced.

December's annual catch-up Community Day weekend will be held on the 18th and 19th, with all previous 2021 creatures expected to be reprised.

In a nice change based on fan feedback, Community Day dates will now be announced at the start of each in-game season, three at a time.