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PlayStation's best golf series just stealth dropped on the Switch

Clap your hanz say yeah.

Today's Nintendo Direct revealed a lot of surprises - including, of course, the long overdue re-reveal of Pikmin 4 seven whole years after Miyamoto first told us about it - but one of the biggest shocks didn't even get a place in the western broadcast. It turns out that Clap Hanz just quietly released its latest golf game on the eShop, rebranded as Easy Come, Easy Golf.

It's effectively a re-release of Clap Hanz Golf, which we first saw on Apple Arcade last April, and which was the developer's first non-PlayStation foray. On PlayStation, Clap Hanz was behind the brilliant Everybody's Golf series, games we've been championing on Eurogamer for some time. Clap Hanz Golf was essentially more Everybody's Golf on a different platform - so to see it reborn on the Switch where it can be played with traditional controls is a very welcome thing indeed.

It's Everybody's Golf, but on Switch!Watch on YouTube

You can find Easy Come Easy Golf on the Switch right now, where it currently costs £17.59.

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