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PlayStation Stars program now available in UK

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Sony's PlayStation Stars customer reward program is now live in the UK, following its earlier launches in both Asia and America.

Details of its rewards are now live on PlayStation's UK site, and mirror those available elsewhere.

This includes the fact some users will "randomly" be placed in a queue for up to two months upon applying to the scheme in order to manage demand. It also includes a perk which will give you "priority" when contacting PlayStation's customer support chat.

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PlayStation Stars is designed to reward you with points which can be used to claim money off PlayStation Store purchases, as well as to claim digital collectible 3D models. If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can also earn further points from store purchases.

Purchasing "full games" from the PlayStation Store and unlocking PlayStation game Trophies will then level up your Stars rank and unlock further collectible models.

But, as Sony detailed last week, Stars levels are not permanent, and require you to keep buying games and earning Trophies to stay at a specific rank.

"Once you attain a status level, your status level is valid for the remainder of the calendar year plus 13 months," Sony explained. "For example, if a member earned status Level 2 in October 2022, their Level 2 status would remain valid through that current calendar year and continue for the next 13 months until 31st January 2024."

Level 1 is unlocked when you join PlayStation Stars, and allows you to begin earning points. Level 2 is unlocked after you have bought one "full game" from the PlayStation Store and earned one uncommon Trophy. It's unclear what qualifies as a "full game" here - whether a certain price is required, or any title that's not free may count.

Level 3 is yours after you buy two "full" games from the PlayStation Store and earn 32 uncommon Trophies. Level 4 then unlocks after you purchase four "full" games and earn 128 uncommon Trophies.

Fans who have peered into the PlayStation's backend have spotted a further, even more exclusive membership tier which does not yet appear to be live. It's unknown what this six level of PlayStation Stars may eventually offer.

Tempted? You can sign up to PlayStation Stars now via PlayStation's website, or via the PlayStation app.