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PlayStation slip-up suggests Ridge Racer 2 on its way to PlayStation Plus

Wow, what a start.

Sony may have accidentally revealed that PlayStation classic Ridge Racer 2 is on its way to PS Plus.

Yesterday, Sony announced the next slate of games coming to the subscription service in October, including Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Dragon Quest 11, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

PlayStation Access, the official PlayStation YouTube channel, included Ridge Racer 2 in its list of classic games, but this was not included in the PlayStation Blog. The PlayStation Access video has since been updated (thanks VGC).

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Perhaps Ridge Racer 2 was included but removed from the list last minute before PlayStation Access could amend their video? Or was it just wishful thinking?

Either way, there's a distinct lack of classic games on the service, with Ridge Racer 2 one of a handful of games rumoured to be on the way. Images for Dino Crisis have also been spotted on PS Plus in Asia.

This wasn't the only error in this month's announcement, however.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Limbo were both listed on the blog post as PS3 games, only running on the cloud despite the fact both games were released on PS4.

Sony has since quietly updated the blog post to show that, actually yes, it's the PS4 versions that are available on the service and not the PS3 cloud versions.

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